Young Public Relations, LLC are currently looking for students who want to complete an internship with Data B.I.TS LLC. What is an internship you ask? An internship  is any official or formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession.  What does this mean for you? This is a way for you to gain experience with your degree. Students will gain the necessary experience needed to go with your Business Information Technology Degree or the Computer Systems & Business Analysis, that can give them the edge they need to gain employment in a managerial position.  Interested students should email us at

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Young Public Relations, LLC, is currently providing tutoring services to Polk State College students.


 A computer applications tutor is available to assist you in understanding the concepts covered in your course and working on practice problems. If you need clarification about assignment instructions, please contact your professor.

                                  Computer Applications Live Virtual Tutoring


Monday: 9am – 11am (virtual/in person)

Tuesday: 5pm – 7pm (virtual)

Thursday: 5pm – 7pm (virtual)

Friday: 9am-11am (virtual/in person)

Sunday: 3pm – 5pm (virtual)

 Current courses available for tutoring assistance

COP 1000 – Introduction to Programming

CTS 2442 – Database Applications
COP 1170 – Programming in VB CTS 2433 – Programming in SQL
COP 2224 – Programming in C++ CTS 2450 – BI and Data Mining
COP 2800 – Programming in Java COP3331 – Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
COP 3835 – Web Application Development

To access Live Virtual Tutoring:

  1. Access the session via the following link:
  1. Enter your first and last name then click on the Log In button. You will be placed in the Collaborate room and a tutor will assist you.

You may be prompted to download add-ins to enter the tutoring session. Follow instructions if prompted.

  1. Tutor is located in room LLC2119 for in person on Monday’s 9am-11am.

For further information or assistance in entering a session, please contact Kia Young at

If you are a business in higher education or public education and want our tutoring service at your facility please contact us by email: We offer private tutoring services as well.